Categories: 2019 Films,Saturday, October 26

7 p.m.

The Dolby Theater

1275 Market St, San Francisco

Greece, 2018
Runtime: 22 minutes, 14 seconds
Director: Karina Logothetis

“Where does the sun go when it gets dark? Why is the chicken’s egg so important to humans? Why doesn’t my brother take me with him when he goes caroling with Claire? Who is this mister Al Jaimer who follows my grandfather everywhere?” Six-year-old Markos is determined to find solutions while, unexpectedly, the magical tale called the Circle of Life unravels before his eyes.


Drama International Film Festival: Best Original Score and Best Costume Design

Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People: Best Short Fiction Film by the Youth Jury Awards

Director Karina Logothetis and composer Vasilis Zlatanos are expected to attend.