The Other Half

Categories: 2012 Films

A very modern, riotous comedy – featuring a rich cast of today’s most popular Greek actors – looking at just how far we’ll go to find our other half. What it is the genuine history of Adam and Eve? Which role did Toula play in the world creation? Is it true that God mold us in sets of two? How far do we have to go to find our missing half? Fedon and Vicky are successful relationship therapists who, as husband and wife, practice what they preach: the ideal couple is made, not found. Then they meet a couple that act as a metaphorical fist-to-the-stomach, revealing Vicky and Fedon’s marriage to be anything but truly compatible. Is it too late for them to turn their lives around? Whatever the answer, one absolute certainty remains: a relationship needs work – if not to be saved, then to be ended through a enjoyable line of comical situations that will lead them to their own paradise.

Time: 8:00 pm
Directed By: Vangelis Seitanidis
Comedy (2010): 100 min