The Island No 2

Categories: 2012 Films

Having seen some of the heroes being led off to prison, some having stayed on the island and some having left for the unknown, we reach the present day. Five years are supposed to have passed. The confession of a long term inmate reveals the existence of a large treasure trove on the island, dating back to the period of Turkish occupation. Various “alliances” and spurious friendships emerge among our heroes in order to find the treasure, resulting in unbelievable comic and grotesque situations. The cast of Nisos no 2 is completed with the ghost of Olympia who has the whole island in a stir, until it is discovered that it is not the deceased who has come back from the dead to seek revenge but her twin sister that no one knew about. The finale is utterly unexpected, pleasantly surprisingly and presents a nice twist in events!

Time: 9:30 pm
Directed By: Antonis Aggelopoulos
Comedy, N (2011): 84 min