The Boy and the Tree

Categories: 2011 Films

Time: 2011 – 12:00 pm
Director: Panayiotis Rappas
Animation (2009): 30 min 

A ragged street boy makes friends with a neglected tree, struggling to survive on a dreary city pavement. In that way they escaped both the loneliness of urban life. One evening close to Christmas, the tree, having seen the splendidly trimmed Christmas trees standing in the windows of nearby houses, and longing to be as beautiful as they are, begs the boy to trim it too.

Producers: Panayiotis Rappas, Athanassios Vakalis
Original Story: Evgenios Trivizas
Voice of the Tree: Dionisis Savopoulos



  • 1st place award at the 5th Athens Animfest awards 2010