A Song is Not Enough

Categories: 2005 Films

Directed by: Ellssavet Chronopoulou
Cast: Gogo Brebou, Yannis Kokiasrnenos, Alexandra Karoni, Fenia Papadodima. Anna Koutsaftiki, Slratoula
Theodoratou, Costas Kappas, Dioni Kourtaki, Georgia Mavrogeorgi and Babis Giotopoulos
35mm Color 118′, Greece 2003

In the winter of 1972, twenty eight year-old Irene is arrested by the military regime for resistance activities and sent to Korydallos prison. Her imprisonment has a devastating effect on her life and the lives of the people close to her and upsets relationships and feelings. For her nine year-old daughter, Olga, her mother’s imprisonment makes her feel as though she has been abandoned. For her irresponsible and superficial ex• husband Manolis it is the moment when for the first time he shoulders the responsibilities of fatherhood. Irene’s childhood friend Vassia-the two have always been inseparable-unwittingly plays a catalytic role in the changing balances. In prison, Irene herself discovers another side of life and of herself. When she is released in August 1973 she finds that nothing is the way she left it. A film about the attempt of four people who love each other very much to prove worthy of their love.