Small Crime

Categories: 2013 Films

Leonidas, a young police officer, has been assigned to a small, sleepy and remote island in the Aegean. He thinks he should be in the big city solving important crimes, but to his frustration all he does is put up “No Nudism” signs and watch Angelikis’ morning TV show with the locals at the café. The beautiful Angeliki is the small island’s most famous daughter and watching her TV show is a daily ritual. Leonidas is in danger of being bored to death but then Zacharias is found dead at the bottom of a cliff. The police chief thinks that Zacharias was just drunk and fell by accident, but Leonidas knows better. His instinct tells him so. He decides to investigate. That same night, Angeliki arrives quietly on the small island. Leonidas’ investigation leads him straight to Angeliki and, as she joins him in his search, a romance grows between them. In the process, Leonidas finds out that everyone in the small town has their own version of the truth about the death of Zacharias and, by the end, he has one of his own as well.

Time: 7:45 pm
Directed by: Christos Georgiou
Drama (2009, Nudity): 85 min

Small Crime


  • Platinum Remi Award, 2009
  • World Fest – Houston International Film & Video Festival