Plato’s Academy

Categories: 2010 Films

Time: 7:30 pm
Director: Philippos Tsitos
Feature (2009)

In Athens’ Plato’s Academy District., there is a small, quiet junction with three tobacco stores and a dog. Stavros owns one of the stores. His wife has left him and refuses to come back; and he must care for his sick mother. The favorite hobby of the three tobacconists is counting Chinese immigrants, who are setting up their shop across the street and appear to multiply by the day. They only stop counting if an Albanian goes past them. Then, they bet on whether the dog will bark at the Albanian or not. That is how they spend their time, idly and merrily, watching life go by outside their stores. However, Stavros is constantly worried, suffers from insomnia, and is unable to pinpoint what is wrong. Until one day, an Albanian, who goes past the three men (and gets barked at by the dog), recognizes Stavros’ mother as his own long-lost mother.



  • Leopard for Best Actor, Ecumenical Jury First Prize,Third Youth Jury Prize, 2009 – Locarno International Film Festival
  • Best Movie Award, 2009 – Tirana International Film Festiva