Pick Up Your Guns Thanassi!

Categories: 2012 Films

Thanassis is a warm hearted truck owner who runs day and night trying to keep up with all the responsibilities that have crept up on him, the main ones being his truck, which he has yet to pay off, and the issue of his unmarried sister, for who he needs to build a dowry for. Thanassis is forced to borrow money from his boss, Mr. Apostoli, in order to purchase a house as a dowry for his sister so that she can finally get married to the one she loves. One day, Thanassis is asked to move the furniture of a young lady who has been evicted. It is then that he comes face to face with the heartless world around him. He feels like his life is constantly on overdrive, as he continuously finds himself in unbelievable and unreasonable situations; it is somewhat like a surreal battlefield, where all parties involved argue and fight against each other for incomprehensible reasons.

Trivia: The movie was showcased during 1972-­‐1973 and sold 199.577 tickets. It came in second place from the 64 films showcased during that year. In the Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1972, Thanassis Veggos won the award for best male actor.

Time: 8:00 pm
Directed By: Dinos Katsourides
Comedy (1972): 74 min

thanasi take your gun