Categories: 2012 Films

The members of a float carnival crew ‘Paradise’, dressed up as Adam and Eve, exotic birds, creepy crawly snakes and juicy red apples, take part in their local carnival, dancing to samba and techno under the drizzling rain. Marianna returns to Greece on a whim to surprise her boyfriend, secretly plotting to stay with him forever, while Nikos is using the carnival as an excuse to confess his love to his unsuspecting boss. Eugenia hesitates to tell her daughter about her clandestine romance with the much younger carnival crew leader, while Ilias has no qualms about begging his estranged wife to come home. In the midst of carnival madness, four duets are staking their claim on their own private Paradise…

Time: 7:30 pm
Directed By: Panayotis Fafoutis
Drama, N (2011): 110 min