Categories: 2010 Films

Time: 7:30 pm
Director: Christos Dimas
Feature (2009)

Everything looks calm and peaceful in the closed society of an island, when the childless ‘Lord’ of the island dies in the most unexpected and inexplicable way thus leaving behind an immense property and everyone wondering who is going to be the chosen to inherit all this money. His will, however, does not come without surprises, one of them being that his fortune can only be shared among the four “estates” of the village, i.e., to those four that old man Dikaios did not even want to set eyes on: the president, the police officer, the teacher and the local priest of the community. On one condition will they be entitled to the property; the four letters corresponding to each and every one of them will be read in public within a week. This leaves islanders suspecting and blaming each other. Stories from the past come to light, all four of them have something to be afraid of or hide thus eventually.