Miss Violence

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Opening with the inexplicable suicide of eleven-year-old Angeliki in the middle of her own birthday party, it’s plain to see that Miss Violence demands of its viewers a certain threshold of pain. Yet if Angeliki’s seemingly typical middle-class Greek family bears any emotional wounds from this harrowing loss, these are certainly not on public display. On the contrary, her single mother, grandparents and siblings present a perfectly composed front. And Child Protective Services are beginning to wonder…

Set up as a carefully constructed series of episodes in which the family’s hierarchy and history is gradually revealed, Miss Violence is a domestic coup d’état waiting to happen. From the script to the acting, cinematography, and art direction, Miss Violence is precision film-making at its best.

Director/Co-Writer/Co-Producer: Alexandros Avranas
Social/Drama (2013): 1 hour 40 minutes –  Nudity, Sexual Content, Violence

Miss Violence


  • Best Director & Best Actor, Venice International Film Festival.
  • Alexandros Avranas and Costas Peroulis won Best Screenplay award at the 24th International Film Festival in Stockholm.