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The first thriller-drama from a filmmaker celebrated by Greek audiences for her comedies, Marjoram shines a revealing, psychological light into the dark corners of a mother-daughter relationship.

Anna (11) strives to be the perfect daughter to please her mother, Mary. However, Anna suddenly starts behaving in strange ways, putting herself in danger and driving Mary to her limits. Why is a child who seems happy on the surface, acting so unpredictably? Mary is trying to figure out what is happening to her daughter while at the same time she is determined to keep her on track so that Anna’s development and progress is not imperiled in any way.

Marjoram nearly became a casualty of Greece’s economic volatility with its director, Olga Malea, having to pick up the production tab after funding was withdrawn.

Director/Producer: Olga Malea
Drama (2013): 1 hour 42 minutes – Sexual Content