The Man From the City

Categories: 2015 Films,Saturday May 9 2015

Title: The Man from the City
Director: Elias Plagianos
Running Time: 11 minutes
Awards: ‘Best Actor’ award for Robert Clohessy at the Atlantic City Cinefest, ‘Best Drama’ for a Short Film at the Atlantic City Cinefest

A mysterious businessman visits a small town with questionable intentions as he contemplates leaving his big city life behind. Starring SAG award winner Robert Clohessy (Boardwalk Empire, Blue Bloods, Wolf of Wall Street) and Sean Young (Blade Runner, Ace Ventura, No Way Out).

The Man From the City

About the Director

Elia Headshot 2014 300pxBorn in Brooklyn, Elias grew up in Rockland County, New York where he got his start in television by creating the innovative local cable TV series called “Fried Cheese” when he was only 15 years old. The show, which had a loyal cult audience, gave Elias the freedom to experiment with various styles of visual story telling. Elias gained invaluable production experience through, writing, editing, shooting, directing, and even starring in each episode. In film school, Elias decided to focus his attention behind the camera. His first short film, ” A Hundred Bullets”, pioneered the burgeoning digital film market by becoming one of the most viewed films on the internet according to . This early success set the tone for his career as he continued to produce short independent projects doing a multitude of jobs in every kind of genre. From his documentary on the Iceland indie music scene (The Iceland Experience) to his award-winning short film about gangsters fighting zombies (Redskins Revenge), Elias was focused on learning everything he could about the craft of filmmaking. This culminated in his first feature film, “The Crimson Mask.” The film was a surprise hit on the festival circuit, going on to win over 40 Independent film awards. The Crimson Mask was able to attain worldwide distribution and continues to be a cult symbol of true independent filmmaking spinning off into an episodic mini-series on HULU . Elias is currently touring the festival circuit with his new Project ” The Man From The City”, while developing a slate of Feature Film remakes with Canadian partners Evos Media.