Magic Hour

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One of the funniest recent Greek films presents the surrealist side of a personal crisis, and contrasts the beauty of the Greek landscape with the ugliness of the economic crisis.

The film also answers primordial questions: Is dying like taking off or like landing? When your lover cheats on you should you laugh or cry? Is it better to owe than to be owed? If there is indeed money, as our prime minister claimed before he was elected, why are we all broke? And if there is no money, why are we still making films?

Renos Haralambidis shows off supreme comedic abilities as the failed filmmaker of a hapless duo that embarks on a road-trip odyssey to rival those of the Ancient Greeks.

Director/Scriptwriter/Producer: Costas Kapakas
Comedy/Drama (2011): 1 hour 40 minutes – Nudity

Magic Hour