Learn Letters My Child

Categories: 2013 Films

A bitter, political satire for the Greece of the early years of the Dictatorship era. The old fashioned school master, shows the new teacher around in a remote village and eagerly awaits his son’s return “the one with the curly hair”, after years of postgraduate study abroad. The arrival of his son’s bald head is only the beginning…

The director has a truckload of things to say, so there’s no time to be subtle. His case is presented with (sometimes brutal) directness and always unbelievable, especially for that time, sarcasm. The change in the Hellenic language, the changes in ethos, the church, the communists, the attempts to rewrite history, everything is here.

Time: 9:15 pm
Directed by: Thodoros Marangos
Drama (1981): 90 min

Learn Letters My Child


  • Best Female role – Anna Matzourani
  • Best male role –Vasilis Diamantopoulos
  • Set design and special award for interpretation –Nikos Kaloyeropoulos.