The Last Note

Categories: 2018 Film,Friday, October 12, 2018

7 p.m.

Opening Night at Premier Theater, Lucasfilm, Letterman Digital Arts Center, 1 Letterman Drive, San Francisco

Tickets: $20

Greece, 2017
Running Time: 117 min
Director: Pantelis Voulgaris
Awards: 2018 Hellenic Film Academy – Iris Award for Make Up, Sound, Costumes, Best Actor

Four years after the success of award-winning “Little England” (“Μικρά Αγγλία”), director Pantelis Voulgaris returns to the big screen with “The Last Note.” In his new film, Voulgaris deals with one of the most important chapters of modern Greek history: the execution of 200 Greek resistance fighters by the German occupiers on May 1st, 1944 in Kaisariani, as reprisal for the Greek Resistance ambush against the Nazis.

Producer Yiannis Iakovidis and actress Melia Kreiling are expected to attend this screening.

The Last Note