In this Land Nobody Knew How to Cry

Categories: 2019 Films,Friday, October 25

7 p.m.

Delancey Street Screening Room

600 Embarcadero Street, San Francisco

Greece, 2018
Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Director: Giorgos Panousopoulos

Something magical is happening in a small uncharted island, somewhere in the Aegean Sea: two unsuspecting foreigners, a French member of the European Parliament and a young economist, arrive in idyllic Armenaki with a fishing boat. They quickly become acquainted with the locals’ strange lifestyles and subversive moral values. Money is out-dated and there are no banks, no streets, no cars, nor rooms to let. The pair meets an erratic teacher and an opulent widow, all while getting carried away by the vortex of love. This charming place has the power to change people’s lives.


Montreal World Film Festival: World Premiere

Producer Eleni Kossyfidou is expected to attend.

In this Land Nobody Knew How to CryIn this Land Nobody Knew How to Cry

In this Land Nobody Knew How to Cry