Kisses to the Children

Categories: 2013 Films

Five Greek-Jewish children, who were saved by Christian families during the German Occupation, five “hidden children” who lived in total silence, tell their stories. Stories of terror, anguish and confusion but also stories of salvation and carefree childhood into the arms of strangers. Secret Gardens of Eden, nests of love away from the horror of the Holocaust. Five children were forced to mature abruptly. Rosina, Iossif, Eftyhia, Shelly and Marios grew old, carrying the memory of thousands of children, those who were never given the time to grow up.

Time: 7:00 pm
Directed by: Vassilis Loules
Drama (2012, Nudity): 115 min

Kisses to the Children


  • Audience Award and Best Director Award of the International Jury at the AGON, International Meeting of Archeological Film 2012.
  • Best Direction, 2nd Best Documentary, Best Music at the Halkida Greek Documentary Festival 2011.
  • Best Feature Length Documentary Award of the International Jury and Best Feature Length Documentary Award of the Children’s Jury at the Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young people 2011.
  • Best Direction Award of the Jury, Award of the Public, 2012
  • “Agon”-International Meeting of Archaeological Film,
  • Audience Award, 2012 Greek Film Festival Chicago