The Tramp

A homeless man living in Hollywood, spends most of his daily routine observing a pretty young girl, up to the day he finds the courage to approach her with unexpected results. Time: 7:15 pm Directed By: Konstantinos Mousoulis Short, Comedy, Drama (2011): 15 min


The Pond

The duck pond is a metaphor for E.U. and the ducks are the european members-countries. When everything is fine, all the members-countries of our community interact well together and they live in Harmony. But what is happening when a problem comes to the surface? Then the harmony falls apart and they are each for their…


The Guide

Time: 7:30 pm Directed By: Zacharias Mavroeidis Comedy, N (2011): 94 min Iasonas arrives in Athens starting his new ambitious career as an “architects’ guide”. His group consists of international students of architecture, finishing their Erasmus in Thessaloniki. Soon Iasonas faces the contradicting wishes of the students who prefer a day long coffee or a…



When a man tries to fix his television aerial on a day like any other, in a city like yours or mine, a series of unexpected events turns this everyday upside down in a most magical way. Mass living buildings, devoid of any external expression of life. Blind facades, closed windows, closed curtains. Introversion. Suffocation. And…