Based on a true story, “Loverly” explores the extraordinary tour de force between Man and Woman in their effort to communicate. Through love, roles, narcissism and self-discovery, “Loverly” reveals the passionate uncovering of oneself through the other, and its surprising consequences. Time: 7:15 pm Directed By: Katerina Moutsatsou Short, N+ (2011): 14 min

beachless01 - Copy


A man going to the beach finds the place crowded with people. On his way to another one he accidentally discovers the perfect place. A tiny, isolated beach that he fills up with his own beach accessories leaving no space for himself to lie down and relax. He finally finds the solution by realizing which…

my sweet canary

My Sweet Canary

Roza Eskenazi sang the way she lived, with passion, fire and love. This is the story of three young musicians from Greece, Turkey, and Israel, who embark on an exciting musical journey, to tell the story of Greece’s best known and best loved rebetiko singer for the first time on film. The artists will retrace…

the enclaved of cyprus

The Enclaved Cyprus

Enclaved Greek Cypriots, more commonly referred to as the Enclaved, are the Greek Cypriots who have remained in enclaved villages in Northern Cyprus after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. Time: 7:00 pm Directed By: Athina Krikeli Documentary (2011): 30 min Award Best Documentary at 2011 New York International Film Festival



The members of a float carnival crew ‘Paradise’, dressed up as Adam and Eve, exotic birds, creepy crawly snakes and juicy red apples, take part in their local carnival, dancing to samba and techno under the drizzling rain. Marianna returns to Greece on a whim to surprise her boyfriend, secretly plotting to stay with him…