Eyes of Night

Categories: 2005 Films

Directed by: Perils Choursoglou
Cast: Yangelio Andreadaki , Yannis Karatzoyannis. Ekavi Douma, Spyros Stavrinidis, Dimitris Mavropoulos, Nikos Karimalis, Marina Boura
35mm Color 100’. Greece 2003

45 years old, truck driver. He likes taking off. Traveling alone. Eleftheria: She needs a man, she needs to love and be loved, to have a child. She is near 40 years old? Will she make it? Vallia: She wants to leave the small town she lives in and come to Athens. Three characters whose paths cross. They are, not ‘in.” They are featured in none of the glossy life-style magazines. They don’t have a perfect body, they don’t make love on the first day they meet someone and more often than not when they are naked they tum off the light. Weak people who “boil” inside. They love, betray, are betrayed. They want something; want it a lot, but something different is what they truly need. They need love. The common denominator, their loneliness. Yet one of these characters, Eleftheria, will break the shell of her tiny ego. Even if she goes about it the wrong way, in the end she proves generous.