Categories: 2005 Films

Directed by: Tassos Psarras
Cast: Sophocles Peppas, Giorgos Armenis, Theodore Bogiatzis, Emily Koliandri, Angeliki Lemoni
Areti Paschali, Themis Bazaka, Marika Tziralidou, Katia Yerou, Anestis Vlachos.
35mm, Color 80 min, Greece 2004

Chronis a successful journalist in his fifties lives a relatively comfortable life in Athens with his wife and two children. Chronis’ father, who was a schoolteacher, was called up in the years of the Greek civil war and fought as an officer in the reserves with the forces of the regular army against the rebels. In the course of the fighting his father disappeared and at the end of the war he was recognized as having “died in the service of his country” and his family was granted a pension and certain other privileges enjoyed by the families of war victims. Suddenly, one night as Chronis and his wife are watching television indifferently he sees his father fighting on the side of the rebels in the archival footage of a historical documentary on the civil war.