Diminished – Ελάχιστη

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Title: Diminished – Ελάχιστη
Director: Konstantina Palli
Running Time: 29 minutes 58 seconds
Awards: 3rd European Short Film Festival “Filme” 2014, Thessaloniki, Awarded for Best Short Film, Best actress, Best music score, Best script; Official Selection “Balkan Film Food Festival 20149 (Albania); Official Selection “Bornshorts Film Festival (Denmark), Official Selection 61 Highway Film Festival (U.S.A).; Official Selection “Root Art Film Festival” – Athens; Official Selection 30rd Clermont Ferrand Market; and “Athens International Digital Film Festival (Greece) – Audience Award

‘Diminished’ is a young woman who has lived a normal life so far. She had a job, a place to live and a lot of interests. But through the crisis, she lost everything. Now, she has no job, no house and no future. And she’s totally alone in a big, unfriendly world. She has one day to find a job and a shelter, otherwise, she will become a homeless person without a name, just another statistic number.

San Francisco Greek Film Festival - Diminished



Directed by Konstantina Palli
Written by Konstantina Palli
Produced by Studio Rosso – Greece
Camera Operator Nickolay Dorozhkin
Music by Yannis Vardas
Photography by Kostis Nikolopoulos
Sound by Vangelis Apostolou
Edited by Nickolay Dorozhkin
Coloring by Nickolay Dorozhkin
Subtitles by Elvira Voutsina


(in order by appearance)
Athina Kazouri
Constantinos Zaimakis
Eleutheria Sinatsaki
Lefteris Takakis
Mairi Androulaki
Rena Paspati
Haroula Mavraki
Spyros Rentoumis
Artemis Sinatsaki
Eirini Spyridaki
Dimitris Flouris
Konstantinos Thanasoulas
Igor Korosec
Konstantina Palli
Giannis Somarakis
Barbara Daling