Counting Happiness

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This is the story of a five-year-old boy, Hasan (Satyam Singh), who lives alone on the streets of New Delhi selling clockwork chicken. Driven by a firm belief that some mysterious secret lies hidden and awaiting discovery, he playfully seeks it out and finally finds it in the sequence of five ?the number of the letters in his name. Hasan’s faith in the attainability of happiness presents him with a gift: the key to one of life’s greatest secrets. And the secret is, in the words of ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, that “Happiness depends upon ourselves”. However, Counting Happiness is not just a character-driven drama or a children’s adventure story. It is a real life portrayal of millions of beautiful children who live on the streets, of their dreams and their innocence as they explore life.

Time: 7:00 – 7:15 pm
Writer and Director: Venetia Evripiotou
Short (2012): 13 min

Counting Happiness


  • Grand Jury Award – Canada International Film Festival, 2013
  • Honorable Mention & Best Editing Award –LA New Wave International Film Festival, 2013
  • Most Popular Film Award – The International Film Festival Manhattan, 2012 Nominations

Award Nominations

  • Counting Happiness is also nominated for three more awards at the Madrid Film Festival 2013:
  • Best Director of a Foreign Film
  • Best Foreign Short Film
  • Best Editing