Helga Is In Lund

Helga is in Lund

Director: Thelyia Petraki Running Time: 19 minutes, 45 seconds A woman, her doctor, a piano student, a man, his wife and a cat. What connects these people? What separates them? Who is Helga? Where is Lund?

A Journey

A Journey

Director: Babis Galanakis Running Time: 8 minutes, 50 seconds two children promise to travel all around Greece when they finish school.


Pedro Noula

Director: Karolos Zonaras Running Time: 110 minutes Violence, Nudity The film narrates the ordeal of a young Greek, who wakes up after a traffic accident not knowing who he is. An Italian passport with his alleged name: Pedro Noula, a broken cell phone, a bank check and the photograph of a woman are the only…