Director: Jon Simvonis Running Time: 14 minutes A commune of elderly people deals with the death of one of its members. Through the walls of an abandoned commune, a thread runs knitting the moments of the silent individuals accompanying the deceased while his death suit is prepared.



Director: Elefterios Zacharopoulos Running Time: 7 minutes, 17 seconds Awards: Best Screenplay and Best Film with a Social Context at Drama Short Film Festival 2015 One day a woman calls 911 and orders a pizza. And what if this time it’s not actually a prank call?


The Ogre of Athens

Director: SNikos Koundouros Running Time: 103 minutes A peaceful innocent man is mistaken for a serial ravisher and killer who looks very much like him. He finds himself on the run by everyone that knows him, and finally hides inside a nightclub owned by small crooks. In his face, they see the leader that will…



Director: Konstantina Kotzamani Running Time: 29 minutes, 50 seconds The leopard shall lie down with the goat. The wolves shall live with the lambs. And the young boy will lead them. 12+1 kids and the carcass of a whale washed ashore …



Director: Dimitris Argyriou Running Time: 5 minutes Monica wanted to become a hairdresser when she was young but things went wrong. This is her story – based on a real interview with a human trafficking victim.



Director: Stergios Paschos Running Time: 94 minutes Nudity Nikos, still unable to get over his recent break-up with Sofia, invites her to a luxury villa he takes care of, in order to get answers. Is Nikos ever going to get the answers he was looking for? Is Sofia ever going to be able to explain…

A Journey

A Journey

Director: Babis Galanakis Running Time: 8 minutes, 50 seconds two children promise to travel all around Greece when they finish school.


Pedro Noula

Director: Karolos Zonaras Running Time: 110 minutes Violence, Nudity The film narrates the ordeal of a young Greek, who wakes up after a traffic accident not knowing who he is. An Italian passport with his alleged name: Pedro Noula, a broken cell phone, a bank check and the photograph of a woman are the only…



Director: Alexios Koukias-Pantelis Running Time: 19 minutes, 53 seconds Eleftheria is a psychology student, who works in a debt collection agency. Due to her ethical boundaries, she faces the possibility of getting fired.

lube job

Lube Job

Director: Ioannis Hansen Running Time: 4 minutes, 30 seconds The shop talk gets pretty technical among this team of female mechanics … Guys probably shouldn’t worry their handsome little heads about it! Director Ioannis Hansen is expected to attend this screening