Director: Alexios Koukias-Pantelis Running Time: 19 minutes, 53 seconds Eleftheria is a psychology student, who works in a debt collection agency. Due to her ethical boundaries, she faces the possibility of getting fired.

lube job

Lube Job

Director: Ioannis Hansen Running Time: 4 minutes, 30 seconds The shop talk gets pretty technical among this team of female mechanics … Guys probably shouldn’t worry their handsome little heads about it! Director Ioannis Hansen is expected to attend this screening



Director: Sophia Exarchou Running Time: 100 minutes Violence, Nudity Isolated and abandoned, surrounded by decaying sport venues, the Athens Olympic Village is today a near-deserted place. Its only residents a few working class families who were offered free housing following the 2004 Games. Stuck inside the village a group of boys wander around the ruins…