thanasi take your gun

Pick Up Your Guns Thanassi!

Thanassis is a warm hearted truck owner who runs day and night trying to keep up with all the responsibilities that have crept up on him, the main ones being his truck, which he has yet to pay off, and the issue of his unmarried sister, for who he needs to build a dowry for….


Thanassis in the Land of Smacking

“Thanassis in the Land of Smacking” is the story of a simple man who is trying to survive in times of intense political happenings. In the second part “Seven Years in Cast” Thanassis is trying to survive under the dictatorship in 1974. Time: 6:00 pm Directed and Produced By: Dinos Katsourides and Panos Glikofrides Comedy…


The Other Half

A very modern, riotous comedy – featuring a rich cast of today’s most popular Greek actors – looking at just how far we’ll go to find our other half. What it is the genuine history of Adam and Eve? Which role did Toula play in the world creation? Is it true that God mold us…

COUCH1 - Copy

On the Sofa

In November 2009, the German society was shaken by the suicide of the 32 year old goalkeeper of the national soccer team, Robert Enke, who suffered from chronic depression and fell on the railway lines seeking redemption. On the issue of modern lifestyles, stress, work, depression comment the psychologist and writer Foteini Tsalikoglou and the…


Fading Light

Twelve year old Christos Myrisiotis lives with his mother Eleni on a remote picturesque Aegean island. The boy has been doubly singled out by fate. He has a remarkable musical talent but at the same time is condemned to going blind as a result of a rare disease. Now an eccentric loner, Christos finds an…


Human Nature

An uptight elephant is enjoying a scenic train ride reading a book alone in his compartment. Soon the door opens and a happy go lucky, goofy and free spirited bear chooses to take a seat across from the elephant and disturbs his peaceful solitude. This is war. Would the elephant tolerate this uninvited guest who…


The Island No 2

Having seen some of the heroes being led off to prison, some having stayed on the island and some having left for the unknown, we reach the present day. Five years are supposed to have passed. The confession of a long term inmate reveals the existence of a large treasure trove on the island, dating…


All Saints

A young medical intern begins his career at the “All Saints” Hospital. It is here that he discovers that everyone who works in the Greek public sector is part of an absurd tragicomedy. He finds out how a system that is designed for the well-being of everyone has become an insane instrument of torture that…


No Parking

Ιn every civilized society disability rights are non­negotiable. 2011, Holly Saturday afternoon. Shopping frenzy has come upon downtown Athens. Gridlocked avenues, crowded buses, congested sidewalks full of people who are rushing into packed department stores and supermarkets to buy gifts and food supplies for Easter’s feast. Likewise, at the last hour, our hero sets off to…


Burning Heads

Based on the hit stage play “Το Γάλα” by Vassilis Katsikonouris, “Burning Heads” offers an insightful perspective into the life of a family of immigrants living in today’s Athens. Lefteris, a 20 year old bordering on schizophrenia, is indulged by his overprotective mother Rina as he lives life through his memories of childhood in the…