Peter’s Room

Time: 9:00 pm Writer/Director: Nicolas Kolovos Short (2010): 3 min One morning Peter is pretending to be asleep to stop his parents from making him leave his bed, leave his room. His mother who is home alone with Peters and his baby sister calls his father who has left for work. Now they must deal with…


45 Square Meters

Time: 9:00 pm Writer/Director: Stratos Tzitzis Feature (2010): 80 min Christina is a good looking 23 year-old girl from a working class family. She works as a sales assistant in a classy hand-bag emporium, and belongs to what the Greeks call “the 700 euros generation”-the young people who work for the minimum wage and live with their parents, because…


Black Field

Time: 6:15 pm Writer/Director: Vardis Marinakis Feature (2009): 106 min BLACK FIELD is set in 1654, when Greece was under Ottoman Empire occupation. A Janissary (a Greek warrior recruited by force at a small age from his Christian family to serve at the Turkish army) arrives heavily wounded at a remote Christian female monastery. He is…


The Little Dolphins

Time: 12:45 pm Writer/Director: Dinos Dimopoulos Feature (1993): 100 min It is the years between the two world wars in a small seaside village in Greece. Two children, Petros and Anthoula (he is eight and she is seven) are enjoying the summer holidays. With the spontaneity and innocence of the young they gradually discover the miracle…


Pet Shop

Time: 2011 – 12:30 pm Writer/Director: Michael Gabriel Zenelis Short (2010): 7 min On the one hand about a boy saving his money to buy a pet; on the other a short film about society valuing appearance more than substance and pricing it accordingly. Awards Best short film at Olympia International Film Festival for Children…


The Boy and the Tree

Time: 2011 – 12:00 pm Director: Panayiotis Rappas Animation (2009): 30 min  A ragged street boy makes friends with a neglected tree, struggling to survive on a dreary city pavement. In that way they escaped both the loneliness of urban life. One evening close to Christmas, the tree, having seen the splendidly trimmed Christmas trees…


Girl on the Wall

Time: 7:30 pm Writer/Director/Producer: Gabriel Psaltakis Animation (2010): 5:39 min A short comedy about the relationship between a bored man and a graffiti character designed on the wall of Thessaloniki city, Greece.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust

Time: 9:45 pm Writer/Director: Margarita Manda Duration (2009): 85 min Athens, today. Three siblings face the prospect of selling their family home. The potential buyers will tear it down and erect a modern building in its place. Alexis defends the sale, documenting his position with the financial benefits that this will bring. Anna reacts negatively….


I Am Gay

Time: 9:30 pm Short, Comedy (2008): 15 min Writer/Director: Nicolas Kolovos Alex, a Swedish man of Greek ancestry, has decided to reveal his great secret: he is gay. Telling his family could be disastrous. That, at least, is what he thinks as he wonders whether or not to tell them the truth.. Awards Best Movie…


Death Knocks

Time: 7:00 pm Short, Comedy (2009): 20 min Director: Thanos Kermitsis Mr. Kosmas Apostolou has everything a man could ever want. Money, expensive cars, success. Everything goes well until the day he receives a mysterious visit. From Death himself.   Awards Special award in the 20 Artfools Video Festival at Larissa in March 2010