Time: 7:30 pm Writer/Director: Alexis Damianos Feature (1971): 103 min Evdokia (Greek: Ευδοκία) is one of the most important works of greek cinema. Evdokia is a drama of passion, where the main characters are a sergeant and a prostitute who get married after a brief passionate idyll. Very soon, however, the influence of their environment…



Time: 7:30 pm Writer/Director: Daphne Lambrinou Short (2008): 18 min  Shot entirely on location on the Greek island of Crete, “Paperboat” follows Melanie, a young Greek journalist from New York as she goes back home to a small village to attend her grandmother’s funeral. She reconnects with her childhood friend, Jason, with whom she has…


Liar Wanted

Time: 7:30 pm Director: Ieroklis Michailidis Feature (2010): 90 min Theofilos Ferekis is the new minister of Health and Welfare who has to deal with all the “favors” he promised during the pre-election period. As soon as he realizes that he will not easily pull off, he decides to hire a … professional liar. Theodoros…


The Village

Time: 7:30 pm Writer/Director/Animator: Stelios Polychronakis Short (2010): 14:10 min A doctor mysteriously discovers that he is required urgently at the village to offer his services. He arrives there after a long and difficult journey, only to discover that the village is empty. Awards Official selection: ANIMA MUNDI 2010, Premiere ANNECY 2010, SITGES 2010 CINEQUEST…


What Time Will You be Back

Time: 7:30 pm Writer/Director: Maritina Passari Short (2010): 21 min Euridiki is 15 and wants to be a rock star. Her dream puts additional strain on her already difficult relationship with her mother. Awards Short Film Festival Drama – 2010 special jury prize


Casus Belli

Time: 4:00 pm Director: Yorgos Zois Short (2010): 11 min All kinds of people are waiting in seven different queues. The first person of each queue becomes the last of the next one, thus creating an enormous human line. But at the end of the line, it all begins backwards again … Director’s Note People…


The Ancient Ostrakon

Time: 3:30 pm Director: Nikos Alevras Production Director/Assistant Director: Maria Skoula Short (2009): 22 min How and why are Ancient Greek words, Ancient Greek notions, and Ancient Greek philosophy still prevalent in our lives, 2,500 years on? Why is a piece of baked clay, an ostrakon -which derives from the Ancient Greek word for bone-…


The Fiddler

Time: 3:30 pm Director: Stelana Kliris Short (2010): 17 min  Inspired by a true story, this film is about a young man who dreams of becoming a fiddler. He is passionate about music and despite his poverty he pursues his dream relentlessly. His goal is to own a fiddle of his own. But life gets…



Time: 3:30 pm Director: Alexi Papalexopoulos Short (2009): 2 min A Tribute to Steven Antonakos. An abstract representation of the renowned artist Stephen Antonakos’ journey through two worlds, the world of reality and the world of light. The film stylistically showcases the epiphany that was Stephen’s discovery of neon light and its relationship with space…


The Promise of Tomorrow

Time: 1:00 pm Writer/Director: Anna Gianiotis Feature (2009): 60 min “The Promise of Tomorrow” chronicles the Greek American journey of the First Generation Greek Americans who were raised in Southern California, changing the face of the community. Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis returns to host “The Promise of Tomorrow” as it explores the way in…