Birds in the Mire

Categories: 2010 Films

Time: 7:30 pm
Director: Alida Dimitriou
Feature (2008)

The documentary film Birds in the Mire depicts the – still inconspicuous – role of women during extreme historical events. More specifically, the film refers to the participation in and contribution of women to the Greek Resistance during the German Occupation of 1941-44, as well as to the consequences they suffered. The film is based on the oral testimonies of those women that survived and follows the historical sequence of events. However, the focus of the film is not on the description of the historical events but rather the memories of these women’s experiences and emotional traumas. The film reveals these women’s life stance in the face of extreme circumstances that are usually experienced by men, as well as the fact that under similar conditions women are equally capable of acts of heroism, such as those commonly attributed to men only.



  • Audience Award, 2008 – Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
  • Greek Film Centre Award, 2008 – Thessaloniki Documentary Festival