Back Door

Categories: 2011 Films

Time: 7:30 pm
Drama (2000): 104 min
Director: Yorgos Tsemberopoulos

Athens 1966 Greece wavering between reform and self-destruction. Thirteen year-old Dimitris unexpectedly loses his father when the new government stops construction of a monstrous 12-story high rise in the center of Athens. On seeing his pampered mother collapsing Dimitris gets carried away by his prematurely grown-up appearance and decides to skip childhood in order to stand by her and continue his father’s work. A brutal coming-of-age ritual follows. But when he feels ready to shoulder his responsibilities he must claim his mother from the arms of an up-and-coming star of the political scene. A series of minor and major betrayals will propel Dimitris to a revolutionary act of vengeance that will change the course of Greek history…




  • Best Actor: Thessaloniki Film Festival (Greece)