180 Degrees

Categories: 2011 Films

Time: 6:45 pm
Comedy, Drama, Romance (2010): 90 min
Director: Nikolas Dimitropoulos

Anna is a beautiful and charming woman, trapped in a marriage that has nothing to offer to her. Unfortunately, her husband, pays more attention to his companies and his art collection, having at the same time an affair with his secretary. But everything is going to change when during a professional trip of Giannis to New York, a burglar, called Vasilis, enters his house. Anna, at her attempt to overpower him, destroys her husband’s office and some of his art collection priceless objects. At the madness of the moment this unexpected incident, makes Anna to take the decision to escape with the burglar. This beginning journey makes Anna realize her past mistakes, while Vasilis presence helps her to make peace with herself and to change her life 180 degrees!